SoCo Official Documents

"Players play, coaches coach, fans cheer, refs ref, and parents make sure your kid wants to drive home with you." 

SoCo is committed to upholding the standard of sportsmanship before, during, and after basketball games. We understand the importance of keeping the integrity of the game alive for youth to enjoy for years to come.  We honor the referees of Southern Colorado for doing the job that few are cut out to do. Basketball is fun because of it's fast pace and unpredictable turn of events.  With this comes close calls, judgement decisions, and situations that are objective. Although SoCo and our refs work hard towards doing our best,  anyone who demands perfection has chosen the wrong game to follow. We live in a day and age where some have lost perspective of what youth sports are all about. Please remember that basketball was created to be a game, not a vehicle for people to take out the stresses of their lives. SoCo Basketball was started for everyone to enjoy the BEST sport ever, and for kids of the Pikes Peak region to stay active.  Have fun, stay focused.  Dan Hugill - SoCo Co-Owner
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SoCo Official Assignor
Bob Lantzy is the SoCo Official Assignor  who trains and assigns all officials to SoCo games:

NFHS Rule Changes for the 2016-2017 Season

1-20 NEW: Non-playing personnel, e.g., spirit participants, media, shall remain outside of the playing area during a 30-second or less time-out during the game. Non-playing personnel shall stand outside the free throw lane lines extended toward the sidelines throughout the game.
Rationale: Making officials aware of the standards set for the spirit participants allows the official to manage them when they may not be in an appropriate place.
2-12-5: Sound a warning signal to begin the 15 seconds (maximum) permitted for replacing a disqualified or injured player, or for a player directed to leave the game.
Rationale: The amount of time presently given is too long and allows for gamesmanship to be deployed.
3-5-6: Undershirts shall be a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and shall be hemmed and not have frayed or ragged edges. If the undershirt has sleeves, they shall be the same length. See 3-6 for logo requirements.
Rationale: This would now allow all extra apparel that is worn to have one logo. Last year we simplified the color requirements to be consistent on all sleeves, tights, wristbands and headwear. This would be one more step to assist our officials in simplifying the enforcement of the uniform rules.
3-5-7: Removed the compression shorts rule; add compression shorts to Rule 3-5-3 which means compression shorts now must meet the guidelines outlined in this rule.
Rationale: This rule is no longer needed and would simplify the enforcement of the uniform rules for our officials. Compression shorts will be added to rule 3-5-3.
9-1-3h NEW: Players occupying marked free-throw lane line spaces may not enter the free-throw semicircle until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends.
Rationale: The addition of this information makes the rule complete and easy to understand.

3-5-3 Note; 9-1 Penalties 4b; 10-5-3
1. Acknowledging and Granting Time-out Criteria
2. Technical fouls
3. Replacing a Disqualified or Injured Player
4. Protecting the Free Thrower
5. Post Play

A Note from the Owner
Official Communication Procedure
Coaches and Parents should never try to talk to an official before or after a contest on a game day. This the most intense and emotional time for all parties involved and is not the time or the place for a meeting about specific issues with your team or game. Please respect the officials and the need for them to be focused on the task at hand.

Mistakes will be made on every aspect of the game from athletes to coaches to referees. Let’s provide a good example for our youth. Together we will make this the best learning experience for all. It is in our nature as coaches to want every call for our athletes. But, from a referee’s perspective every call they make someone will be upset. Treat them with respect and be the bigger person; it will make dealing with an issue much smoother.

-Coaches and Parents will not confront referees after a game has been completed.
-Coaches, it is your job to control your parents.
-Coaches, only the head coach is allowed to speak with a referee during the game.
-Parents, please set a good example for your children. Being negative towards referees before, during, or after a contest is unnecessary.

To file an official complaint about the officiating these steps must be followed:
1.Wait the mandatory 24-hour “cool down” period.
2.Go to and fill out and “Official Complaint Form”. All information must be filled in. The only complaints that we will consider will be from the Designated Team Rep or Head Coach. NO PARENT COMPLAINTS WILL BE REVIEWED.
3.If the call was a 50-50 call (charge/block, 3 vs.2, etc.) we will not review the call. Judgement calls are a part of the sport.
4.Think to yourself, did I escalate the situation in any way?
5.Send form to and Dave Thomas will begin reviewing complaints starting after the 24-hour wait period.
6.After complaints are reviewed and we have communicated with our head of officials, SOCO will make contact with the appropriate parties on whether or not action will be taken.
7.All decisions made by SOCO are final.